Schedule Political SEO Call

Candidates and campaigns are welcome to schedule a call on my calendar or complete the webform below. 


I'm happy to provide examples, case study matterial and references from previous campaigns
that include Judges, City Council Members, County Attorneys and campaign staff.

Social Media

I can tie all of your existing social media accounts to one place for easy posting. If you need I can create these accounts and build the site. We can plan the announcements and build your political brand.

Search Engine Optimization

I've dealt with two problems for previous candidates. Some have no name recognition others have too much possible negative recognition when searching for them.  I can handle both and know how to target voters.

Google Adwords

If you waited too long to SEO or even build a site we can crash the search engines with targeted ads for the areas, days and types of voters you want using Adwords. Bing also has an Ad platform.

Web Design / WordPress

I highly encourage you to utilize WordPress for your campaign simply because of its ease of use for you and your campaign. You wont have to be technical and for how easy it is we can make it look great and be feature rich. Accepting online donations is a must today.